Competition: Interactive

In this competition we want you to explore new types of artforms. Any application that involves human interaction to generate visual and/or audio feedback to the audience is allowed. We try to engage new platforms and we are open to any kind of submissions.

Get creative and experimental! We embrace any kind of input, for example:

  • Keyboard, mouse, gamepad
  • Wii controller
  • Kinect, PlayStation Eye
  • Trackpad

Examples of interactive applications:

  • Games
  • Interactive demos
  • Responsive/Narrating story-telling
  • Music disks
  • Experimental visualization of user input


  • Every platform is allowed.
  • Must not have been released before.
  • We endorse you to present it live in the competition.
  • A microphone will be provided for additional commenting.
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.

Please contact us if you need or bring special hardware other than our compo PC, especially if you provide a video signal other than DVI or Composite. We will show the usual output on the big screen and also the interaction on a second display. Executables will be released.